Belgian Working Group on Interventional Cardiology (BWGIC)

Belgian Working Group on Interventional Cardiology (BWGIC)

The BWGIC is a working group of the BSC.

Its goal is the stimulation and dissipation of science related to interventional cardiology in Belgium.

Composition of the board and individual responsibilities of board members

  • President: Walter Desmet
  • Vice-President: Claude Hanet
  • Secretary/treasurer: Christophe Dubois
  • Responsible data base: Marc Carlier, Marc Claeys
  • Responsible QERMID: Kristoff Cornelis, Suzanne Pourbaix, Francis Stammen
  • Responsible peer review: Jo Dens, Olivier Gach, Luc Janssens, Francis Stammen
  • Reimbursement Committee: Kristoff Cornelis, Bernard De Bruyne, Luc Janssens, Joëlle Kefer,  Francis Stammen
  • Structural Heart Disease Task Force: Edouard Benit, Johan Bosmans, Ian Buysschaert, Christophe Dubois, Olivier Gach, Joëlle Kefer, Suzanne Pourbaix
  • National trainer ESC learning platform: Joëlle Kefer
  • Editors of the the newsletter: Adel Aminian, Jo Dens
  • Startup and maintenance website: Kristoff Cornelis, Bernard De Bruyne

How to join BWGIC

  • Work or train as an interventional cardiologist
  • Be a member of BSC
  • Send a simple application to [email protected]