Belgian Working Group Basic Research in Cardiology (BWGBRC)

Belgian Working Group Basic Research in Cardiology (BWGBRC)

Technologies and approaches to determine the basic mechanisms that cause cardiovascular disease are increasingly powerful. Efforts that bring together physicians and basic researchers with complementary knowledge, tools and skills are required to make progress. Since its creation in 2018, The Belgian Working Group on Basic Research in Cardiology (BWG-BRC) aims topromote connection between physicians and basic researchers. One of its major objectives is to provide cardiologists with the current knowledge on the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying pathobiology of cardiovascular disease. This is done through participation of the BWG-BRC in the BSC annual congress (BWG-BRC session, translational lectures) and organization of specific annual meetings dedicated to Belgian basic research in cardiology. These BWG-BRC annual meetings also allow to enhance the interaction between Belgian groups of basic research, and learn more about their field of interest in order to initiate potential close collaborations. 

Board members

President : Llewelyn Roderick (KU Leuven)

Secretary : Cécile Oury (ULiège)

Past President: Sandrine Horman (UCLouvain)

Maaike Alaerts (UAntwerpen)

Jolanda Van Hengel (UGent)

Vincent Segers (UAntwerpen)

Nicolas Baeyens (ULB)

Virginie Bito (UHAsselt)

Didier Communi (ULB)

Kim Martinod (KU Leuven)

Luc Bertrand (UCLouvain)


First annual meeting, November 16th 2018, Louvain House, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium  “Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular physiopathology” 
(Organizers: Cécile Oury and Sandrine Horman) 

Second annual meeting, November 22nd 2019, Klooster van de Grauwzusters, Antwerpen, Belgium  “Building interdisciplinary bridges in cardiovascular research” 
(Organizers: Maaike Alaerts, Vincent Segers, Bart Loeys) 

Third annual meeting, December 4th 2020, Erasme campus, Brussels, Belgium. Format to be confirmed due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. 
(Organizers: Nicolas Baeyens, Antoine Bondue, Didier Communi). This meeting was postponed to 9 June 2021, from 13:00 to 16:00.

Fourth annual meeting, December 2nd 2022, Erasme campus, Brussels, Belgium.“(RE)Building interdisciplinary bridges in Cardiovascular research”
(Organizers: Nicolas Baeyens, Antoine Bondue, Didier Communi).  The programme of the event can be downloaded here

How to join the BWGBRC

  1. Be a MD/PhD/MSc with a particular interest for basic research in cardiology
  2. Be a member of the BSC
  3. Send an application to a board member or to [email protected]