Belgian Heart Rhythm Association (BeHRA)

Belgian Heart Rhythm Association (BeHRA)

The BeHRA exists primarily to serve its members but it goes without saying that it pursues an important social objective. The BeHRA vision is to improve the quality of life of each patient with a cardiac arrhythmia.   

This involves the prevention of cardiac arrhythmias, the prevention of complications from cardiac arrhythmias and, to the extent possible, the complete healing.  

President: Dr. Ivan Blankoff (CHU Charleroi)

Vice President: Dr. Johan Vijgen (Jessa ZH Hasselt)

Secretary (Dutch): Prof. Dr. Rik Willems (UZ Leuven)

Secretary (French): Prof. Dr. Jean-Benoit Le Polain Waroux (AZ Sint Jan Bruges) 

Treasurer: Dr. Georges Mairesse (Clin du Sud-Luxembourg Arlon) Past President : Dr. Yves Vandekerckhove (AZ Sint Jan Bruges) 



How to join the BeHRA 

Contact one of the board members via the website: