Who are we?


The Belgian Society of Cardiology (BSC) is the scientific society of Belgian cardiologists, promoting research and education in the field of cardiology.

The main aims of the BSC are to stimulate the study of questions relating to the cardiovascular system, by furthering basic and clinical research; to ensure a wide dissemination of the results of such research; to encourage scientific exchanges and cooperation between cardiologists; to promote continuous education in cardiology; and to promote international cooperation.

The organisation supports the activities of several working groups The working groups organise meetings and courses throughout the year, in each of their specialities. This information, when available, can be found in the Working Group sections and the events calendar on this site.

The BSC organises an annual scientific meeting each year in the month February. Information on the next event can be found via the BSC Congress Page

The BSC was created in the 1940s under the input of Professor Jean Lequim and was considered the early stages of the International Society of Cardiology. To understand the rationale behind the foundation of the BSC, one should go back to the middle of the 20th century. Cardiology was well known from a clinical point of view but all the superb techniques used today as a routine, did even not exist yet. Surprisingly, congenital heart disease was clinically rather well documented but surgical repair of these, was either not possible or at a very beginning status in this part of Europe. At that time, it appeared that a member of a well-known Belgian family presented with a surgically curable cardiovascular disease.  After elaborate consultation in which Professor Lequime, head of the cardiology Service at Hôpital St. Pierre in Brussels, played an important role, contact was taken with a very experienced cardiac Surgeon in US. In order to bring together the maximum chances for success, it was decided to get the operation done in US. It all went on well, patient did fine and could later enjoy a perfectly normal life. This experience got well known to all people responsible for cardiology in Belgium and inspired them to collaborate and meet in a new structure, that became the growing edge leading to the foundation of the BSC. Professor Lequime was its first president. At the same time and certainly linked to the needs illustrated by this case, both clinical and financial entities became involved and among these, the foundation of Princess Liliane, which did help the cardiovascular world and the BSC very much with meetings, grants for projects and possibilities of bringing high ranked experts together.

Past presidents

2021-2022          Prof Dr Michel De Pauw

2019-2020          Prof Dr Patrizio Lancellotti

2017-2018           Prof Dr Marc Claeys

2015-2016           Prof Dr Agnes Pasquet

2013-2014           Prof Dr  Guy Van Camp

2011-2012           Prof Dr Victor Le Grand

2009-2010          Dr Frank Van de Branden

2007-2008          Prof Dr Guy Berkenboom

2005-2006          Prof Dr Christiaan Vrints

2003-2004          Prof Dr Jean-Louis Van Overschelde

2001-2002          Prof Dr Frans Van de Werf

1999-2000          Prof Dr Luc Pierard

1997-1998           Prof Dr Luc Jordaens

1995-1996           Prof Dr Serge Degré

1993-1994          Prof Dr Pierre Block

1991-1992           Prof Dr Jean Marie Detry

1989-1990         Prof Dr Denis Clément

Belgian Heart foundation (BHF)

The Belgian Heart Foundation has been created in 2018 under the umbrella of the BSC. The mission of the BHF is to promote cardiovascular research and education in order to improve the care and outcome of the patients with cardiovascular diseases. To achieve this goal, prizes, research and educational grants will be awarded. In Belgium we have a lot of potential, but we still need more effort to promote cardiovascular research while funding remains difficult. Similar to the broad attention that cancer research now has, we want to bring cardiovascular disease more to the attention of the health authorities and to the general public. That is why this Foundation will be very relevant for the society. The President of the BHF is also a member of the BSC Board. Visit the website.

ACTA Cardiologica

Published since 1946, Acta Cardiologica is the official journal of the BSC. It is a peer-reviewed medical journal of eight issues per year. It covers research on all aspects of cardiovascular disease including observational studies, clinical trials, experimental investigations with clear clinical relevance, and tutorials. Print and online versions are available and the journal is indexed in PubMed, Current Contents, EMBASE, Index Medicus and Medline. more info…