Belgian Council on Cardiogenomics

Belgian Council on Cardiogenomics


The council on Cardiogenomics was founded in 2022 under the umbrella of the Belgian society of Cardiology (BSC) and Belgian Society of human genetics (BeSHG). Its main aim is to bring together health care professionals interested in cardiogenetic diseases. The goals of the council are to improve awareness on cardiogenetic diseases among health care providers and policy makers, improve patient care and stimulate multicentre research collaborations.

The council hosts a session on the yearly BSC congress and an annual case discussion meeting.

Conditions for members

Being a healthcare professional active in Belgium with special interest in cardiogenetic diseases: cardiologist, clinical geneticist, molecular geneticist, genetic counsellor, genetic pshychologist etc.

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Board members:

President: Antoine Bondue

Secretary: Tomas Robyns

Treasurer: Saskia Bulk

Representative BEHRA: Lieve Van Casteren and Anaïs Gauthey

Representative BWGACHD: Julie de Backer and  Liesbet Van Bulck

Representative BWGHF: Anne-Catherine Pouleur

Representative BeSHG: Bart Loeys, Yves Sznajer, Karin Dahan, Thomy De Ravel, Jeroen Breckpot

Representative Molecular biologists: Anniek Corveleyn and Lut Van Laer

Representative genetic counsellors: Liesbet Wildero – Van Wouwe

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