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Guidelines aim to present all the relevant evidence on a particular clinical issue in order to help physicians to weigh the benefits and risks of a particular diagnostic or therapeutic procedure. They should be helpful in everyday clinical medical decision-making. The BSC aims at facilitating the endorsement and implementation of new ESC guidelines in daily clinical practise.

In order to increase awareness of the new ESC guidelines, a summary of the guidelines are made by Belgian experts in the field. These summaries highlight the most important recommendations and changes in the management of cardiovascular diseases.

SUMMARY of 2020 ESC GUIDELINES on non-STE ACS, adult congenital heart disease, sports cardiology and atrial fibrillation.
Marc J Claeys, MD PhD, Antoine Bondue, MD PhD , PhD; Patrizio Lancellotti, MD, PhD, Michel De Pauw, MD, PhD
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SUMMARY of 2019 ESC GUIDELINES on chronic coronary syndromes, acute pulmonary embolism, supraventricular tachycardia and dislipidaemias.
Marc Claeys, Yves Vandekerckhove, Bernard Cosyns, Philippe Van de Borne, Patrizio Lancellotti
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SUMMARY of 2018 ESC GUIDELINES on definition of myocardial infarction , myocardial revascularisation, cardiovascular disease during pregnancy and on arterial hypertension.
Marc J Claeys , MD PhD, Patrick Coussement ,MD, PhD, Agnes Pasquet , MD, PhD, Tine De Backer MD, PhD; Michel De Pauw MD, PhD
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SUMMARY of 2017 ESC GUIDELINES on valvular heart disease, peripheral artery disease, STEMI and on dual antiplatelet therapy.
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SUMMARY of 2016 ESC GUIDELINES on heart failure, atrial fibrillation, dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular prevention
Marc J. Claeys MD, PhD, Wilfried Mullens, MD PhD, Yves Vandekerckhove ,MD, Mattias Duytschaever MD, PhD , Catherine De Maeyer , MD, Agnes Pasquet , MD, PhD,
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SUMMARY of 2015 ESC GUIDELINES Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of pericardial diseases Summary 
Guy Van Camp, MD, PhD
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Marc J. Claeys MD, PhD, Victor Legrand ,MD, PhD , Georges H Mairesse, MD, Agnes Pasquet, MD, PhD, Michel De Pauw, MD Guy Van Camp ,MD, PhD
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Marc J. Claeys MD, PhD, Philippe Van de Borne ,MD, PhD , Georges H Mairesse, MD, , Guy Van Camp ,MD, PhD
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Marc J. Claeys MD, Patrick Evrard ,MD, PhD , Olivier Gurné, MD, PhD, Georges Mairesse, MD, Yves Vandekerkhove,MD, Johan De Sutter,MD, PhD, Victor Legrand,MD,PhD
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This page contains positioning papers and other documents created by the BSC Board and BSC Working Groups.

Cardio Oncology where do we stand for in Belgium

Quality indicators for STEMI networks

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This serie of videos is tailored to support cardiologists in educating pediatric patients about cardiovascular health in an accessible and engaging manner.
These videos are specifically crafted to help children understand the electrical functioning of the heart and the mechanism of pacemakers. The videos are available in EN, NL and FR.
Credit to UZ Leuven and special thanks to Prof. Rik Willems.


Elektrische werking – NL

Electrical functioning – EN

Fonctionnement électrique – FR

Pacemaker – NL


Pacemaker – EN

Pacemaker – FR