Belgian Working Group on Adult Congenital Heart Disease (BWGACHD)

Belgian Working Group on Adult Congenital Heart Disease (BWGACHD)

The Belgian working group on adult congenital heart disease is a subgroup of the Belgian society of cardiology. It was created in 2009 by the initiative of Professor Werner Budts, who aimed to gather cardiologists working in the field of adult congenital cardiology in Belgium, thus enabling close interactions.
Adult congenital heart disease is a relatively new but growing subspeciality within cardiology, with a steadily increasing number of patients. The treatment of these patients with complex and often rare congenital heart diseases is highly challenging: it requires close collaboration between cardiologists, surgeons, pediatricians, radiologists and geneticists working in the field of congenital heart disease. Access to the best clinical practice requires a close collaboration between general hospitals and reference centers.

The multi disciplinary of the working group leads to constructive discussions about the optimal management of these patients according to the international guidelines.

Our working group organizes an annual symposium focusing on the hottest topics in the field of congenital heart disease, and an annual case discussion meeting. Members are welcome to these events and are invited to present their own challenging cases to get insight from a panel of Belgian experts.

Official website:

Board members
Julie de Backer, President
Antoine Bondue, President Elect
Werner Budts, Past President and Registry Coordinator
Marielle Morissens, Past President and Secretary
Agnès Pasquet
Bernard Paelinck
Els Troost
Laurent Demulier

Membership applications
Can be submitted on the web site:
In addition to cardiologists, we also welcome pediatric cardiologists, surgeons and radiologists to become associate members of our working group.

Contact details
Julie de Backer, President, UZ Gent
Email: [email protected]

Marielle Morissens, Secretary, CHU Brugmann
Email: [email protected]

Via the contact form on the website :