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The Belgian Working Group on Basic Research in Cardiology (BWG-BRC) was created in 2018 as one of the official working group of the Belgian Society of Cardiology.

This association was created with the following objectives:

  1. Promote interactions between the different belgian research groups in basic cardiology
  2. Promote connection between physicians and basic researchers
  3. Feed young physicians with basic research and vice-versa (translational lectures)
  4. Provide to BSC expertise for the evaluation of research projects in basic cardiology

Board members

President : Sandrine Horman (UCLouvain)
Secretary : Cécile Oury (ULiège)

Julie De Backer (UGent)
Maaike Alaerts (UAntwerpen)
Isabel Remory (VUB)
Alexia Hulin ((ULiège)
Vincent Segers (UAntwerpen)
Nicolas Baeyens (ULB)
Antoine Bondue (ULB)
Didier Communi (ULB)
Christophe Beauloye (UCLouvain)
Luc Bertrand (UCLouvain)

How to join the BWG-BRC

  1. Be a MD/PhD/MSc with a particular interest for basic research in cardiology
  2. Be a member of the BSC
  3. Send an application to a board member or to sandrine.horman@uclouvain.be


First annual meeting, November 16th 2018, Louvain House, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium “Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular physiopathology”