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  • Dear Colleagues,
    Dear Friends,

    As part of the 2017 European Heart Failure Awareness Days organized around the 5th of May, the  Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the ESC calls the heart failure centres to organize animations and lectures for the general population.

    Since 2010, every year, the Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure and Cardiac Function, in collaboration with the Belgian Cardiologic League, join forces to organize the campaign on a  national level.

    The report of the previous edition is on the website of the HFA-ESC websites:



    Many activities can be organized, such as:

    • Lectures to patients, their relatives and the general population about heart failure:
      What about heart failure, epidemiology, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, role of education
    • Workshops about ‘heart failure’ diets
    • Presentation of the movie ‘L’insuffisance cardiaque, un nouveau parcours pour votre cœur ‘ or “ Hartfalen, een nieuw parcours voor uw hart” (new edition)
    • ‘Open house’ in heart failure clinics
    • Panel debates with heart failure cardiologists
    • Offering blood test, blood pressure measurements
    • Performing BNP test (coordination by Walter Smolders)
    • Participation of patient representatives to share their experiences
    • Patient testimonials
    • Presentation and signatures of the Charters

    This list is not exhaustive. Be creative and feel free to join this European initiative.

    In order to prepare the press release, could you let us know if your centre will participate
    Could you also specify the days of opening, timetables and animations scheduled?

    The list of centres will be distributed with the press release and on the different websites.
    To help advertise European Heart Failure Awareness Day, posters & flyers will be distributed.

    You can find more ideas and reports of previous campaigns on the website of the ESC:


    For further information, please contact our two national coordinators:

    Dr. Walter Smolders (dutch speaking centres) walter.smolders@klina.be
    Dr. Pierre Troisfontaines (french speaking centres) pierre.troisfontaines@chrcitadelle.be

    Do not hesitate to send us the date and program of the activities that you will organize in your centre.

    Thank you.

    Dr Walter Smolders                                              Dr Pierre Troisfontaines
    National Coordinator                                            National Coordinator

    Dr Pierre Troisfontaines
    President of the Belgian Working Group of Heart Failure

    Dr W. Droogne
    Vice-President of the Belgian Working Group of Heart Failure

    Prof. Wilfried Mullens
    Past-President of the Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure

    Dr Philippe Blouard
    Secretary of the Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure