Call for Participation in ESC Guidelines Task Forces

The ESC has opened a first time invitation to an “open call”, to broaden the pool of contributors and give topic experts the opportunity to volunteer to be part of the 2024 ESC Guideline Task Forces.

In 2024, the ESC will release four updated Clinical Practice Guidelines, which will cover the topics of:

  • atrial fibrillation,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • chronic coronary syndromes,
  • peripheral arterial and aortic diseases.

This is an important innovation to the way the ESC identifies contributors for their flagship content. While the ESC will continue to ensure appropriate representation of internal ESC specialty groups within the Task Forces, the call for applications will help to improve upon diversity and inclusion, notably with respect to specific expertise, gender, and country of origin. The aim is to promote individual excellence, while constituting multidisciplinary and inclusive Task Forces.

ESC Guidelines are the bedrock of ESC science and ensuring input from the most relevant leading experts remains their priority. Senior as well as young experts are encouraged to apply.

Further information can also be found directly via the following link to the ESC website: Call for Participation